i don’t...

I’ve been a client too.

I spent many years supervising designers and developers. That experience helps me to understand, and have empathy for, my own clients. I know what would frustrate you and what would make you feel great about our working relationship.

I’ve listed here the things I hated most as a client and what I do instead. This is my ‘Don’ts List’. I’m determined to avoid these mistakes in every project I work on.

“My web designers charged me £100s just to update a few words on my website!”

My websites run on WordPress, which is a simple website editing system—no expertise or software required. So you can update your own website without paying me anything.

You’ll be able to edit all text on your site, add and remove webpages, change menus, create and delete users, and reset passwords. You’ll get step-by-step instruction guides for all these tasks and more, tailored to your specific website.

“My website doesn’t work on phones or iPads!”

My websites always work well and look good on phones, tablets, and computers.

That’s because I use responsive web design, which is a technique for making websites that smoothly adapt to whatever size of screen you’re using. (The Media Queries website and Responsive Design knowledge hub have lots of examples of responsive web design to look at.)

“My website doesn’t show up in Google!”

No-one can guarantee you’ll be near the top of a Google search. (Anyone who tells you they can is either mistaken or plans to ‘cheat’ the Google rankings, which usually ends up with your site being blocked altogether.)

What I can do is use search engine optimization (SEO) so your website ‘looks its best’ from Google’s perspective. I also give simple advice on the ethical and safe things you can do to improve your Google rankings.

“I’m locked in to using the same web designers, and their prices keep going up!”

I don’t use lock-in to keep clients. My websites are based around commonly-used technologies like WordPress, so any good web developer can work on them.

You own the code and have all the passwords you need, so you can take your website to another developer any time you want. (My job is to be so good that you don’t ever want to!)

“My website takes forever to load!”
Fast loading times is one my main focuses when I test my websites. I optimize every site to load as quickly as possible, particularly for first-time visitors (who are most likely to give up quickly).
“My web designers don’t understand my business or my customers!”

I have years of experience working with the education sector, non-profits, small businesses, and websites for young people generally. These are my specialist areas, and I understand them very well.

My first step for new projects is to spend time with you to understand your organization, your needs, and your users and their needs. So even if I don’t understand your business yet, once you become my client, I will understand it.

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