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This website would not be possible without the awesome projects, images, and fonts made freely available by the lovely people mentioned on this page. If your name’s on the list, thank you! If it isn’t and should be, my apologies—please contact me so I can correct my mistake.

First things first: all web design and writing on this website is by Chris Barnes (that’s me), unless otherwise stated.

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See the colophon for a list of hardware, software, and services used in the making of this website.

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photos by Viktor Hanáček at

my expertise photos:
‘Fashion Glasses on MacBook Pro’
kind words:
Unknown Title (heart chair)
contact us:
Unknown Title (using phone on bridge)
Unknown Title (tools)
Unknown Title (MacBook Pro on table)

photos from Unsplash:

my approach:
Unknown Title (colouring pencils)
I don’t:
Unknown Title (watch)
kind words:
Unknown Title (bouquet)
Unknown Title (shoes in field)
Unknown Title (iMac with iPad)
privacy policy:
Unknown Title (icy padlock)

other photos:

‘iPad Mockup 2 Horizontal’ by Animist
Unknown Title (lined-up Apple devices) by Firmbee
what I do:
‘Macbook’ by Unknown
my expertise:
‘Programmeren’ by Waag Society on Flickr
‘NYC #3’ by Thomas Leuthard on Flickr
‘Photographer’ by Unknown on Pixabay
what I’ve done:
‘7’ by Patrik - madeinsweden
‘Two’ by Unknown
‘Magazine Article Layout’ by Kyle Hale on Flickr

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