I give more of my time to podcasts than any other medium. My favourite podcasters are constant companions as I go about my day. So as I process the shocking outcome of the US presidential election this week, I’m not surprised that the responses I’ve valued most have been podcast episodes.

I’ve chosen two episodes—one a heartfelt exploration of two voters’ post-election emotions, one a thoughtful analysis of the lessons to be learned—to highlight today. They deserve the widest possible audience.



we won an award!

York Profiles & Mentors, the mentoring and career profiles platform I created for the University of York, won a careers guidance award this month!

Specifically, we won an AGCAS Award for Excellence in Technology. (AGCAS is the Association of Graduate Careers Advice Services.)


Three trends in webpage link styling have proliferated over recent years:

  • applying a CSS border-bottom instead of the usual text-decoration: underline to underline links
  • only underlining links when the mouse is hovered over them
  • using CSS transitions to animate in link hover styling

Combining these three techniques on the same site causes problems if not done carefully.


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